Calling All (UN)Conventional CPAs

Nth Degree is Hiring!

Dan Nicholson here, founder of Top 10 Firm Nth Degree CPAs. I’m on the hunt for 1-2 CPAs who are ready to ditch the boring, traditional accounting gig and join the most (UN)Conventional team in the game.

Most will not meet our rigorous standards.

The last time we had an open position, 25 out of 500 applicants made it to stage 2, where we administer a test.

Of those 25, 5 got a passing score.

That means, even though all 500 applicants had a bare minimum of three years of experience, only 1% met our minimum criteria to advance beyond stage 2 of our hiring process.

But if you’re confident in your ability to be in the top 1%, then we’re eager to explore the possibility of having you on our team.

Our goal is to keep you busy and challenged, but you gotta prove your worth – we take our clients' financial success seriously, and you will too.



  • A skilled and hungry CPA or EA on the path to becoming a CPA who has been idly consuming my (UN)Conventional Accounting tactics and other innovative tax strategies but wants to get IN on them yourself.

  • You love the accounting game, and you’re eager to learn exactly how you can push boundaries to put yourself ahead of 99% of CPAs out there and make your clients RICH.

  • You’re in it for the long haul. Our clients stick with us because we consistently deliver results, so I need people next to me that are committed.

  • You want stability, an incredible team culture, and the opportunity to think like a top-tier financial strategist.

  • You are excited to find out just how the elite accountants are able to seemingly pull money out of thin air, keeping their clients happy and their rosters full.

  • You want to be part of a team that doesn’t just follow the rules; we make them.


Team player












And when people find out you’re an accountant? They’re shocked, because you don’t fit the “socially awkward” CPA stereotypes. You might geek out over numbers, but you also have charisma.


  • We offer elite, tailored accounting and tax services to 7- and 8-figure businesses in various industries.

  • We’ve combined the precision of accounting with the creativity of strategic tax planning to get massive results for our clients, and we’re excited to show you how it’s done.

  • We’re fearless when it comes to getting results for our clients - no IRS audit or team of less-qualified advisors will stop us from advocating for our clients.

  • We’re obsessed with learning and growing ourselves, and we hire team members who align with that value. Our knowledge bases are constantly leveling-up and we are first adaptors to new tax incentives and laws.


  • Implement all aspects of the (UN)Conventional Accounting Methods created by Nth Degree CPAs to optimize client tax strategy & profitability.

  • Manage and maintain client financial records.

  • Identify and capitalize on every tax-saving opportunity available.

  • Optimize client financial systems and processes.

  • Track and report all financial metrics via our proprietary reporting system.

  • Collaborate with the team and communicate effectively with clients during business hours.


  • CPA license and previous experience in accounting/tax strategy preferred.

  • Familiarity with high-growth businesses or high-net-worth individuals preferred.

  • Comfortable following existing SOPs and resources - and coming up with your own ideas to make them better.

  • Strong financial analysis skills.

  • Must be open to feedback and new ideas.

  • Must have a growth mindset (non-negotiable).


  • Flexible working hours.

  • Competitive compensation.

  • Additional performance-based bonuses and incentives.

  • Training and professional development opportunities.


We’re only interested in speaking to the perfect fit. So if that’s you, send me an email at [email protected] with the subject line "UNCONVENTIONAL CPA" and include:

  • Your 3 most impressive client wins or case studies.

  • A brief summary of your experience with accounting/tax strategy.

  • Your preferred industries or niches to work in.

  • Any relevant certifications, awards, or other portfolio items.

You'll be notified within 72 hours if you make it to the next round (further instructions will be provided then).

Here’s to your success and financial certainty,

Warm regards,

Dan NicholsonFounder, Nth Degree CPAs

Author of “Rigging the Game”

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