Are you Overpaying your taxes?

Most small business owners are not aware of the myriad of tax rules and regulations in the U.S., and surprisingly neither are most accountants. This can result in missed strategic opportunities to save money.

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Benchmarking your accountant

Shows You The Savings.

Benchmarking is the process of evaluating your current tax plan to determine if you are paying the lowest taxes legally allowable.

It's like getting an annual check-up for your business. Similar to getting your car serviced, reviewing your insurance rates to ensure you're getting the best deal, or evaluating your stock portfolio's performance to determine if it's meeting your investment goals.

How do you know if you’re

Overpaying On Taxes?

Start by asking yourself these 6 questions...

  • Does my Accountant keep me up to date on yearly tax code changes? Do they show me how to use those changes to my advantage?

  • Does my Accountant show me how to turn things that aren't a deduction into a deduction?

  • Does my Accountant limit my risk with the IRS? Specifically, do they do things like make protective elections on my return? Do they document my reasonable salary?

  • Does my Accountant fully understand my business in order to represent the info on my return correctly and help ensure I'm paying the least amount of taxes legally required?

  • Does my Accountant teach me legal homerun strategies based on Tax Court Cases and IRS Audit Manuals to help reduce my taxes by up to 100% (i.e., zero tax liability)?

  • Am I 100% confident that I am paying the least amount of taxes legally allowable?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions,

It’s Time To Stop Overpaying.

Get started with a FREE benchmarking consultation.

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