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Dan Nicholson’s best selling book, Rigging the Game, teaches you the operating system that helps you achieve financial certainty in your own entrepreneur game so you don’t have to second guess what you’re doing or rely on luck.

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“As a business professor, executive coach, and philanthropist, I have read over 2,000 books. Most are touted as the next big thing that is going “revolutionize the field” of fill-in-the-blank. Every so often, one comes along that truly changes the landscape. Rigging the Game is the real deal. It contains theories that are on par with anything from the top business schools, yet it goes much further by providing actual steps you can take to ensure success in your business and your life. The fix is in, and Rigging the Game is a real winner!”

Randy Massengale

Former Senior Advisor to Bill Gates at Microsoft, serial entrepreneur, professor, and philanthropist

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